Thursday, October 29, 2009


What's your first thought when you see this post? YES! Here we are... explaining Fairy Narina Land's currency.

So, our currency name's Dipples. But, we usually write it DPLS rather than Dipples.

Every day, you have to pay 20 DPLS to sleep in your tree houses. If you can't pay 20 DPLS, the person who's in charge will call your parents and ask them to pick you up.

To get DPLS, you must work minimum 2 places in a day. We pay you as how you work. If you do your job great, we will pay you full. But, if you're lazy to do your job, we will pay you only for 50 % or worst, we will fired you.

Don't ever forget! you have to buy the food supplies too. You can choose, either you shop in the traditional market, or in the big market.

1.000 IDR : 2 DPLS


Ardelia Indradi said...

Fun! lol

sanx.sandra said...

haha.. tnx strawberry..

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