Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where's the place to live?

Like what I said, you can live here for a week in the tree houses. In a tree house, there will be 4 kids sleep there, wich is means you will have 3 room mates. You can't pick which tree house you want to sleep in, we will pick it for you that we think it's the best for you. In each tree houses, there will be different themes.

Here, we will each you how to be independent. We will divide the house works for each person. Laundry,moping and everything.

Of course you have to pay for living in tree houses, that's why you have to work everyday. REMEMBER! no rupiahs here. If you bring money, all your money will change into our Fairy Narina Land currency.

PS : 1.000 IDR : 2 DPLS


Ardelia Indradi said...

Very interesting Sandra, but work on your spelling and grammar :)

sanx.sandra said...

oukay Pink Cupcake! I tried my best and tnx for the comment. :)

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